Accepting Payments When Selling at Craft Fairs -

Accepting Payments When Selling at Craft Fairs

  1. Mary Roza says:

    Hi Lucy, This information was very informative. But, I’m still not sure what to do about payments for my event that this is saturday!!!!!!!!!! I have been procrastinating about finalizing what type of payments to accept. This is actually a trial run to see if this business is what people are looking for, so I don’t think I want to set up a business account with Square. I do have a Zelle account. Do you think that would be okay to use. Thanks

    • Lucy Kelly says:

      Hi Mary! If you are accepting payments for products, goods, or services (i.e., not a personal friends/family transaction) you need to have a business account set up with whatever payment processor you choose. If you have a business Zelle account you can use that!

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