Say hi to your new handmade business bestie

6-figure handmade seller and expert marketing coach for makers here to help you find more of the customers who will love – and buy – your creations

Hi, I'm Lucy!

A lifelong crafty gal: lover of all things colorful, vintage, funky, and fun. I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey should be just as fun – if not more! – than the destination. 

Oh, and I'm not even sorry about loving pumpkin spice coffee ALL YEAR LONG.

14 years ago, I took a few crafting classes with the hopes that I'd keep my hands busy and snackless (oh, the wistful, rational thinking of a 20-something). 
It didn't work. I still snack (I never met a block of cheddar cheese and a pack of crackers I didn’t like!)... 
… But now I do it as the owner of a 6-figure handmade jewelry business — bel monili — that travels around the country (in non-pandemic times) and has been featured in national publications such as Country Living Magazine.

You're a creative entrepreneur who just wants to sell more stuff without the constant weekend hustle at craft shows (that just don't bring in the bucks like they used to).

Are you ready for a better way?

I know this struggle all too well, my friend. 

Back in 2010, craft shows were the only way to go when it came to starting a handmade business. I loved getting out there and making sales...but man oh man there were some real duds on the schedule.

What started out as a hobby grew into a full-fledged handmade business, and while I LOVED doing shows, I knew that I was not going to be able to keep up that kind of grueling week-after-week show schedule for the long term.

Great news, my crafty friend

I'm here to guide you on a much faster path to selling more online and hustling less on the weekends

I've got a not-so-secret secret to share: you don't HAVE to be running to art fairs and craft markets every weekend in order to make money.

In my 14+ years of owning a handmade business, I have learned that forming genuine relationships with the right people is the key to growing a business that can thrive without having to rely on in-person sales events (ah, the unexpected business lessons of 2020). 

It took me 7 years and a L-O-T of hustling to get my handmade business it's first 6 figure sales year, and in that time I discovered a framework for online growth that was proven time and time again.

That's why I launched Bloom: I want to share this framework with other makers who want to sell more and schlep less – because there's room at the table for all of us!

my business values

It's not just planner stickers and crafting that excites me.

My passion (and biz) is fueled by hard work, faith and a touch of glitter.

I'm not a super woo-woo kind of girl, but I do have a set of core beliefs that are at the root of my business, and of my life.

Community over competition

Love and kindness are never wasted

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Success is a journey not a destination

There's enough for everyone

Being a handmade business owner isn't for the faint of heart: that's why the Bloom community is so near and dear. 

I'm a firm believer that there's room at the table for everyone, and when we work together as a community of makers we can lift each other up to levels we never dared dream of. 

my favorite things

my loves

What makes me smile 

Family and friends

Who has my heart, forever

my baby

My sweet baby, Evelyn Agnes

my workspace

In my maker stash

Beads, beads, and more beads

vintage goodness

Go-to travel destination

Any flea market!


In my cup

Pumpkin spice anything

I do love a great market

Weekend plans

Making, markets,
and family!!

"I was able to make a dream happen and I am so grateful! I just launched my first coloring book on Amazon! Lucy’s instruction with Clear Cut Canva made my learning curve easy!"

I am so thankful for the Clear Cut Canva course created by Lucy at Bloom.
The most exciting thing that happened (as a result of this course) was that I finally finished a coloring book that I worked on for about eight months.

The course shows you how to navigate all the tools that you will need to create a professional designs, logos, brands, color schemes, photo edits, fonts and so much more. She even shows you how to organize your projects within the program. I was able to make a dream happen and I am so grateful! I just launched my first coloring book on Amazon!

Laura Stuart, Studio Forget-Me-Not!

"Because of The Marketing School for Makers, I launched my website and started my email list!."

I love the Bloom community and I've gotten to know members away from the group: we collaborate together.. The encouragement you provide to the group is what stands out above other programs out there. I highly recommend Bloom because of the personal contact, easy to understand modules, resources, and encouragement. 

Jodi Heerman, Eclectic Expressions by Jodi

"I launched a new website, increased my social media presence and got more sales!"

I needed to redesign my website and up my online presence. There's a lot of advice out there, which makes it confusing. I loved Lucy's professional approach focused on artists/artisans/crafters. And...her program works! My advice to anyone consideringThe Marketing School for Makers is DO IT! Don't wait, it's worth it for yourself and your business! I almost signed up a few months earlier and regret not doing it earlier.  

Katherine Orr, KatOrriginal

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