Digital marketing services for creative businesses

Ditch the old-school marketing "must-do's" and leave the magic to me!

For creative business owners who want rockstar marketing without the roadie grind.

Right now fear is your archenemy and time (the lack of!) is taunting you.

You've got your hands full, and while adding one more thing to the pile just might cause an avalanche, you KNOW that your marketing is in desperate need of attention.

This is the high-quality problem of a successful small business that is at what I call the "tipping point" that wonderful time when you can either get help and level up, or the entire thing can come crashing down. 

Marketing is crucial to your business' growth, but you already know that. What you dont know is how the heck you're gonna find the time to build a solid strategy, nevermind actually DOING all of the things that will get added to your to-do list.

Something's gonna have to give.

If this is ringing a bell, I've got just the thing for you...

Me! Your marketing BFF guiding your business to connect with the people who will become your ride-or-die best customers

That's right: you can forget about having to figure out the marketing jungle and instead focus on running the business doing only the things that you truly enjoy.

It's time to say goodbye to:

Fear and fatigue

Content creation overwhelm

Business blues and customer crickets

Email marketing avoidance

Social media smarm

Digital Marketing Services

Want a completely done-for-you marketing strategy and content plan to help you showcase your story and will see your business soar?

If you have a business that relies on customers, the simple truth is that you absolutely must have a digital marketing plan in place if you want your business to grow.

I'm not talking about awkward dance moves or lip-syncing to the latest "trending audio", I mean creating a space for your audience to genuinely connect with you – and with each other – to build an authentic friendship that's built on trust.

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick grab-some-sales marketing plan, I'm NOT your girl. 

Bloom Marketing clients are:

Entrepreneurs who LOVE what they do: they have a passion and purpose that's clear

Creative, caring people who want to connect with customers who share their same passions

Pillars of the community who are generally awesome humans and want to be among other awesome humans

Ready for support to grow and scale their business – sans "bro marketing"

Hi, I'm Lucy. 

Wife, mom, artist, business coach, and digital marketing expert at Bloom.

I started my handmade business in 2010, and after setting up my craft table in more school gyms, church basements, parking lots, and fairgrounds than I could count, I realized that I did NOT love the constant ‘weekend hustle’ of setting up at shows nearly as much as I loved meeting the people who would buy my work.

I had this idea that makers like me had to set up at markets and fairs to make money...which was soooo 1997! With social media, blogs, email, and websites, I had the power to reach beyond my little community craft show and expand my reach farther than I could have possibly imagined. 

Fast forward to today, where I have helped hundreds of creative businesses find and connect with people who will actually buy, without having to constantly hustle for sales. 

I would love to hear more about you and find out how I can help you and your business BLOOM!