Everything you need to know about how to start selling your craft online

Online Selling Must-Haves
for Makers

For makers who want to rock their online sales:


Inside of Online Selling Must-Haves for Makers, you will learn:

Inside of
Online Selling Must-Haves for Makers, you will get:

The 5 must-haves for online selling (spoiler alert: you can set these all up TODAY!)

How to properly price your products so that your online sales bring you profit – and not just cash flow

The basics of email marketing, including a list of budget-friendly email service providers to choose from

A list of apps and resources that will help you look like a rockstar online – without the spendy pricetag of a pro web designer

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    Hi, I'm Lucy. 

    Wife, mom, jewelry maker/ *ahem*  bead hoarder,
    and passionate marketing coach for makers at Bloom.

    I started my handmade business in 2010, and after setting up my craft table in more school gyms, church basements, parking lots, and fairgrounds than I could count, I realized that I did NOT love the constant ‘weekend hustle’ of setting up at shows nearly as much as I loved meeting the people who would buy my work.

    I had this idea that makers like me had to set up at markets and fairs to make money...which was soooo 1997! With social media, blogs, email, and websites, I had the power to reach beyond my little community craft show and expand my reach farther than I could have possibly imagined. 

    Fast forward to today, where I have helped hundreds of makers find and connect with people who will actually buy, without having to pop up at a market every weekend.

    I'm excited to learn more about your handmade business - download Online Selling Must-Haves for Makers, then send me an intro on Insta so that we can connect!

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