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A FREE online workshop for handmade business owners who want to sell more in 2024– with less hassle and less HUSTLE!

In this FREE 45-minute on-demand workshop, you will learn:

🌟 My proven blueprint (the Bloom FRIEND Framework) so you will sell more of your work – even if you don't do a single market this year

🌟 How to get more sales *without* needing to constantly find new customers 

🌟 The ads that will help your business – and not hurt your bank account

🌟 The ONE thing you need to do TODAY that will lead to more sales all year long

🌟 Your fast track handmade business blueprint for how to sell more stuff and make more moolah in 2024 – and beyond – with The Marketing School for Makers

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Attendance bonus:

Kick up your with cashflow
 using the
Rockstar Revenue Refill

As a special thank-you for attending, makers will receive the The Marketing School for Makers Rockstar Revenue Refill playbook!

This power-packed 36-page guide is a "choose your own adventure" style resource overflowing with ways for you to quickly get a cash injection into your business. The Refill guide includes:

- Scoop up some sales:
 A day-by-day task list with clear, actionable steps for how to score a few extra sales

- Find Your Hidden Treasure: Clear your space for success and turn those "someday" supplies into cash!

- Dig for Gold:  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to take back control of the wildly growing costs that you *thought* you couldn't change

- Cash Out Clearout: Swipe my Studio Clearout sale strategy – yep, the exact one that has put over $14k into my business bank account over the last 6 years!

Hi, I'm Lucy. 

Wife, mom, jewelry maker/ *ahem*  bead hoarder,
and passionate marketing coach for makers at Bloom.

I started my handmade business in 2010, and after setting up my craft table in more school gyms, church basements, parking lots, and fairgrounds than I could count, I realized that I did NOT love the constant ‘weekend hustle’ of setting up at shows nearly as much as I loved meeting the people who would buy my work.

I had this idea that makers like me had to set up at markets and fairs to make money...which was soooo 1997! With social media, blogs, email, and websites, I had the power to reach beyond my little community craft show and expand my reach farther than I could have possibly imagined. 

Fast forward to today, where I have helped hundreds of makers find and connect with people who will actually buy, without having to pop up at a market every weekend.

Join us for the Be a Sales Rockstar workshop: I’d love to tell you how I can help you find the people who will buy your stuff!