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Doors open September 14, 2022

    Makers who want to sell more and hustle less:

    Find customers, sell more of your creations, and make more money

    What gives?

    You know that you can sell your craft because you’ve already done it: family members, friends, and the lovely patrons at your local craft shows (the ones that haven’t been canceled, that is). 

    That’s all great, but it’s starting to be an awful lot of work – and expense – for not a whole lot of money.

    Lugging around tables and totes is exhausting, especially when it turns out you really aren’t making any money. 

    You see other artists who make pretty much the same thing as you do, except those artists are constantly selling out on their website, and their social media followers are practically begging them to buy their work. 

    you’d love to have this be a real-deal business...

    You’re a maker who is an expert in your craft –

    ...except it seems harder than it should be to find people who buy.

    Not so much.
    You know making, not marketing.

    Being an artist comes easy to you – but the business stuff?

    Not so much.

    You know making, not marketing.

    There’s a lot stacked against you here: it’s no wonder you’ve been spinning your wheels. 

    On top of that, you’ve got a business that most of your friends and family don’t ‘get’... selling handmade is a hobby, right? 🤣😭

    What gives?

    It’s hard to find classes or groups that teach the “business” side of things in handmade business ownership... because there just really aren’t many out there.  

    You’re definitely not alone!

    The good news?

    You have your muses – the “who I want to be when I grow up” makers whose work sells like hotcakes – but you just can’t quite crack the code to selling. 

    Tutorials (So. Much. YouTube.)

    Webinars – each one has a nugget of info, but it’ll take forever to cobble all of that together

    Facebook groups, where you’re probably getting business advice from other people who aren’t selling

    Traditional business classes – except they really don’t cover the nuances that come with having a handmade business (like how each item is one of a kind)

    Up till now, you’ve tried:

    So simple, yet so complicated. The old-school method of selling crafts was packing up your plastic totes, filling up your hatchback, and trucking down to the local craft fair to stand dutifully behind your 6’ table and hope that people show up – and buy.

    That actually still works – sort of. 2020 roared in like a wounded lion and turned everything we know on its head: many artists who relied solely on fairs and markets for income saw their entire businesses vanish in a matter of months. 

    In 2022, everyone and their grandmother (literally) is online, and if you want to have a business that can scale and grow, you need to be there too. Having a mix of in-person markets (the ones where you know your Perfect Customer will show up and buy) and website sales is smart and necessary for growth.

    A place to sell More of your work


    No surprises here, right?

    Going from hobby crafter to business owner happens when you have buyers and your business is making money. You need customers – beyond your immediate family and friends (thanks for the order though, mom!) – who will love your work and come back time and time again.

    The really great part?

    There is a customer for EVERYTHING.

    There’s nothing you could make that won’t sell: it’s just a matter of being in front of the right person.

    More Customers


    Far too often, I’ve seen people try to jump into a handmade business with the idea that “I’m gonna start selling crafts to make some money” .

    Worse, they pop into crafter groups on Facebook asking “what is your best seller?” or “what’s selling at shows now?” to get their idea list for what to make. Spoiler alert: that N-E-V-E-R works. 

    The most successful handmade business owners start with the product that they absolutely love to make.

    They stand out above the rest, even in a seemingly over-saturated category (I make jewelry, I know allll about this), because they’ve established a brand – not just a product.

    A quality product that you love to make and you know sells 


    If you want to have a handmade business that sells online and doesn’t rely on craft shows and fairs for income...

    there are three critical things you need to make that happen:

    Hi! I’m Lucy: pumpkin spice lover (#notsorry), bead hoarder, and passionate creator at Bloom.
    If you’ll read on, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what I 've got for you.

    My friend , that girl is me!

    A young speech pathologist with her summers off and a passion for craft...

    She searches for something to keep her hands busy, and discovers that she has a knack for jewelry making that intersects perfectly with her love of color and all things vintage. 

    That summer, she happens to be accepted into a craft market and makes her first $160 selling her handmade jewelry.

    She spends the next 9 ish years improving her craft, setting up at a LOT of shows (most of them not awesome), then figuring out the best way to build and run a handmade business that makes money online.

    Then, in 2019, she takes what she has learned on this crafty entrepreneurial journey and puts it all together to teach other makers how to do what she did.

    Picture it:
    Pittsburgh. 2010. 


    This is your life now, because you've got:

    Time in your schedule to sit and create the things that are going to make you money

    A list of customers who can't wait to buy as soon as you send them that "shop now" message

    A gorgeous, branded website loaded with your latest work where your customers will shop till their heart's content

    A social media following full of people who are going to love, comment on, and share when you post pics of your latest projects

    …you fix yourself a hot cup of coffee, pull out your craft tools of choice, and spend the day creating in the comfort of your cozy, fun workspace. 

    Imagine waking up on a chilly, damp Saturday morning and, instead of dragging out your tent and tables and all of your product to set up at a muddy town square craft show...

    Wanna know how to make this YOUR story?

    The marketing course for makers who want to sell more of their craft – without having to rely solely on shows, markets, & fairs

    Get Online, Grow Online


    valued at $297

    This unique copywriting workshop will walk you through how to do your own story mining to figure out what makes you tick, and more importantly, figure out how these stories can be used to cross the paths of the people who will become the core of your business’ community. Once you harness the power of your unique story, you will never again struggle to create content that attracts the right people to your world. 

    Storytelling for Creatives Workshop


    valued at $497

    Yeah, selling online can get…techy. You’re here for the marketing know-how, but with the Bloom Tech Vault you’ll get all the tools you need to run your business online. 

    Quickly access custom-curated resources that will walk you through everything from creating graphics in Canva to setting up your first landing page – without the frustration of overwhelm of trying to figure out where to even begin to get help.

    The Bloom Tech Vault


    valued at $297

    Get step-by-step directions for how to properly set up your Shopify website – and finally have the online presence you’ve been wanting.

    Shopify for Makers


    valued at $397

    Each lesson in this course comes with action steps at the end, including PDF worksheets and guides that will help you to make measurable progress that will have tangible results in your business.

    Full PDF Support Guide


    Live access to a bonus pop-up Facebook group exclusively for Spring 2022 students, including 8 weeks of live support in the group and weekly Zoom Q&A calls.

    valued at $776

    Private Student Group


    Including exclusive access to the
    Bloom Premium Live Support Package

    Gayle lipson, Sparkles And Spitballs

    "I am so thankful to have found Lucy's Get Online, Grow Online class. I hesitated, because I have a hard time spending money on myself, but believe me when I say this class was worth every penny. I have had an Etsy shop for a few years, but this was the first year, after taking Lucy's class, that I have actually made a profit.

    Building a community the way she does, I have felt supported from day one to make decisions to make my business work with my busy family life. The fact that Lucy has a family and a successful business is such a bonus to me...she gets it and she is real and she understand the struggle of balance. Truly, taking this class changed my life!"

    "Believe me when I say this class was worth every penny"

    Jodi Heerman, Eclectic Expressions by Jodi

    I love the Bloom community and I've gotten to know members away from the group: we collaborate together.. The encouragement you provide to the group is what stands out above other programs out there. I highly recommend Bloom because of the personal contact, easy to understand modules, resources, and encouragement

    "Because of Get Online, Grow Online, I launched my website and started my email list!."

    Katherine Orr, KatOrriginal

    I needed to redesign my website and up my online presence. There's a lot of advice out there, which makes it confusing. I loved Lucy's professional approach focused on artists/artisans/crafters. And...her program works! My advice to anyone considering Get Online, Grow Online is DO IT! Don't wait, it's worth it for yourself and your business! I almost signed up a few months earlier and regret not doing it earlier.  

    "I launched a new website, increased my social media presence and got more sales!"

    kind words

    11 years ago, I took a few crafting classes with the hopes that I'd keep my hands busy and snackless (oh, the wistful, rational thinking of a 20-something). 
    It didn't work. I still snack (I never met a block of cheddar cheese and a pack of crackers I didn’t like!)... 
    … But now I do it as the owner of a 6-figure handmade jewelry business — bel monili — that travels around the country (in non-pandemic times) and has been featured in national publications such as Country Living Magazine and Facebook's #deservetobefound campaign. 

    A lifelong crafty gal: lover of all things colorful, vintage, funky, and fun. I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey should be just as fun – if not more! – than the destination. 

    Oh, and I'm not even sorry about loving pumpkin spice coffee ALL YEAR LONG.

    Meet your teacher

    In 2010, I started my business with a small table at a local craft fair – I've walked the walk of handmade business ownership.

    You don't have to take the long road like I did, though. 

    The freedom to spend your weekends doing the things you are missing out on now: family time, making, or maybe even *gasp* relaxing

    A business that sustains itself AND pays you, so that you can quit working like crazy only to end up with no actual profit

    An audience full of people who know, like, and trust YOU – so much so that they are messaging you asking for when your next new collection is coming out

    Confidence in your role as an entrepreneur – and finally feeling worthy and deserving of success

    I said say sayonara to the endless weekend hustle of craft shows and I'm proof you can have....

    Get Online, Grow Online
    isn't like other courses out there

    Develop a much-needed marketing plan that gives you confidence in your brand, and attracts more of the people who will buy your work

    Learn the skills and technology that you may have been avoiding up until now, so that you can finally move past the fear and into the freedom of having a profitable business

    It has a no fluff approach with action packed advice in bite-sized lessons that help you:

    Connects you with other makers who "get it" more trying to explain to your family that yes, this is an actual business and not some weekend hobby

    Allows you the freedom to watch (and re-watch) the lessons at your own pace, coming back to them to learn more as your business scales

    A unique online experience including self-paced classes and a community group which:

    Conserve your most precious resources – time and energy – so that you are able to spend more of your time creating the work you love to make and selling to the customers you love to serve

    Finally start to make measurable progress in your business: a gorgeous and cohesive brand package, a more engaged social media following, more subscribers on your email list, and more bucks in your bank account

    A tools and resources hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

    Weekly live meetings via Zoom (and broadcast into the private student Facebook group) where we can work through any questions you have or roadblocks you run into as you work through the course content

    Ask questions, share pictures, and connect with other Get Online, Grow Online students to collaborate, make cradty business friends, and grow

    8 weeks of exclusive access to your teacher (that's me!) via weekly Zoom calls and a private students-only Facebook group

    But that’s not the path I want for you. 

    Just tossing this out there:

    the plan that got you here isn’t the plan that’s gonna get you there.

    You want to sell online – you’d love to build up a social media following, and even an email list – if only you knew how.

    You see other makers absolutely rocking it on Instagram and popping up collections that are sold out in minutes, feeling like you are just never going to have that. You’d be thrilled if your website could bring in more money, more consistently. 

    You’d love to cut your show schedule down to do just the shows that you KNOW are going to be great – except you really haven’t had much luck selling anywhere online. 

    You’re feeling frustrated going to shows that may or may not be worthwhile: dragging around a car or trailer full of tents, tables, product, and display.

    Setting up for hours (or even days) in the heat, cold, rain, or mud: dollying load after load in and out – that just plain stinks

    Let’s take a peek into what not joining Get Online, Grow Online might look like… 

    Gaining more engaged followers on your socials and selling more products on your website

    Being able to quit spending your weekends at craft fairs, and start making more of your sales online

    Building an email list full of people who can't wait to hear – and buy – from you

    Selling your products for a price that allows you AND your business to make money – so that you can have the freedom to do things like take vacation, cut back on hours at your day job, or save for a more comfortable future

    Finally having a job – and a business – that you love

    This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

    Lisha Collins, A Musing Art & Craft Studio

    "I learned so much from this class: Facebook, Instagram, and I even started my email list!"

    I’ve created this program to help motivated makers like YOU build thriving, profitable handmade businesses without having to hustle out to every weekend craft show that sends you the “congratulations: you’re accepted” email (or worse – having to fill your schedule with ‘jury by check’ shows because you need some cash). 

    A clear marketing strategy for your handmade business – and a way to 
    sell more of your work

    When you finish this course you'll walk away with