Attention all makers who want to sell your craft
 (to someone other than your mom):

Here's something to ponder...

What if you could find LOADS of people who will love – and BUY – your stuff, even if you don’t have much of an audience yet?

Hey there, my crafty friend! I see you, out there day after day, week after week, doing your best to try to reach *someone* online who might buy your work. 

You see lots of other people selling their stuff successfully, so why is it that you are only getting orders from your neighbor or your mom (thanks, mom!)? You are making great stuff and posting about it on all of the places...most of the time. 

Ok, maybe sometimes. 

Ok, so really it’s when you remember, but then for a few days or even for a few weeks, you are REALLY good at posting pictures of what you’ve made...but even then it’s crickets.

What gives?

It's HARD to carve out time to be in "all of the places" online...


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, blog, email, etc...where should you even start?


Even then...what the heck are you supposed to be saying?


You need to focus on making your stuff (not to mention all of the other "real life" stuff going on), and you don't have time to be playing around on social media all day


...You really just need to know the secret to turning followers into buyers

Spoiler Alert:

you don't HAVE to be in "all of the places" just need to be in the right places in front of the right people. 

Up until now, you’ve done your best to keep up with the social media trends to try to figure out how the heck you can grow an audience 

(because that’s where the buyers are, right?). 

Maybe you’ve even downloaded a few *cough – hundred* “content prompt” freebies to try to get a handle on what kind of magic words you are supposed to be using to find customers who aren’t related to you.

While those grab n’go IG captions are great...they just don’t seem to be doing anything to get you in front of anyone who seems to have any interest in buying from you.

The good news?

You’re definitely not alone!

But you keep reminding yourself that you love making, and you are downright addicted to the joy you see on your customers’ faces when they see your stuff. When you’re at a market, you can see their face light up the instant they see your booth, and you just know that this is “your person”...your Perfect Customer.

You KNOW that you can find more of your Perfect Customer online

You KNOW that there are lots of successful handmade sellers out there

You KNOW that you can be one of them!

If there was a proven system that could help you quickly and easily create irresistible content and guaranteed that it would attract the people who will actually buy,

would you FINALLY feel confident enough to go all-in on your dreams of growing your handmade business?


Clear Cut Content

The self-paced content creation course for makers looking to grow their audience (and get more sales!)

What's Included

Learn the secret to creating content that actually leads to sales

You’ve got an absolutely rockstar handmade product, and you KNOW that there are people out there who want to buy it…if only you can find them! In this lesson, you’ll learn how being in front of the right people is the key to a successful business. 

Walk away from this lesson with a crystal-clear understanding of exactly how your content is the first step on the path to building more relationships– and more sales.  


Turning what you already do into easy, resuable content

Discover exactly what content is and how you can use it strategically in your business. Learn how to look at what you are already doing (yup, the stuff you’re doing every day) to quickly and easily create content.  

Walk away knowing exactly what content is and how even your everyday activities can be captured and shared as engaging, relevant content that your audience will love. 


Finding Buyers

Discover how to find more people who will buy your things- unlock a mountain of customers who stand in line to buy your things. hint- They’re already out there (you just need to know where to look). 

Walk away knowing exactly who your Perfect Customer is, what kind of content they are engaging with now, and how you can leverage your content to attract more people who want to buy. 


How to become known for the thing you're best at

Establish yourself as THE go-to person for the product you make and the content you create. The riches are in the niches, and you are about to become queen of the castle.   

Walk away with your content pillars clearly defined and a clear understanding of how they are used to create content with intention.  


How to always have content up your sleeve

No more scrambling to create: you will learn exactly how to grab (and store) content so that you have an endless fountain of engaging things to post and share.

Walk away with a customized list of content ideas that will be used to deepen your relationship with your audience, which is the key to converting followers into buyers.


How to create a month's worth of content
in under 2 hours

Simplify your content creation process using the Bloom Batching Basics, my proven system for batch-creating content for all of your social sharing platforms. You’ll learn which tools to use for which tasks, and how to organize it all for maximum efficiency. 

Walk away with a complete system for creating weeks – or even months – worth of graphics and posts in less than 2 hours. 


How to schedule and share your incredible content 

Discover how to craft a content schedule that will ensure a consistent and constant flow of communication between you and your audience, keeping their interests in your business red-hot.    

Walk away with a complete content plan and schedule that will free up your time while keeping those customer relationships growing and profitable.

And because everyone loves extras,
I’ve got these super sweet bonuses for you!

Bonus 1: How to Use Later to Schedule Content to save you boatloads of time

Get access to my system for creating and scheduling Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts for weeks at a time using the scheduling tool Later. Reclaim hours of your time while being consistent in your posting. 

valued at $97

Bonus 2: Bloom 10x Content Repurposing System

Learn how to take one piece of content and repurpose it up to 10x to increase your productivity and decrease your content creation workload.

valued at $97

When you enroll today, you will get:

Course Modules (Value $397)
PDF Course Support Guide (Value $197)
Bonus 1: How to Use Later to Schedule Content (Value $97)
Bonus 2: Bloom 10x Content Repurposing System (Value $97)

Total Value: $788

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

One-time payment of


Join now!

Finally know how to create the content that attracts more of the people who will buy your stuff

Hi, I'm Lucy. 

Wife, mom, jewelry maker/ *ahem*  bead hoarder,
and passionate marketing coach for makers at Bloom.

I started my handmade business in 2010, and after setting up my craft table in more school gyms, church basements, parking lots, and fairgrounds than I could count, I realized that I did NOT love the constant ‘weekend hustle’ of setting up at shows nearly as much as I loved meeting the people who would buy my work.

I had this idea that makers like me had to set up at markets and fairs to make money...which was soooo 1997! With social media, blogs, email, and websites, I had the power to reach beyond my little community craft show and expand my reach farther than I could have possibly imagined. 

Fast forward to today, where I have helped hundreds of makers find and connect with people who will actually buy, without having to pop up at a market every weekend.

I invite you to come on in and join the Bloom community: I’d love to tell you how I can help you find the people who will buy your stuff!

The Clear Cut Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you - I’m so passionate about helping you connect with the RIGHT people who will buy from you that I’m determined to make it as simple as possible for you to go all-in with no regrets. This program was created to give you the clarity and tools you need so you can find (and connect with) the people who will buy your stuff.

And if you don’t feel that you can do that, then you deserve your money back. 

That’s why after 5 days, if you’ve hopped in and haven’t found the program to be what you were looking for, you can ask for a full refund, as I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. I created this course with every intention for you to succeed, so I stand by my promise to make that happen. Just shoot an email over to with proof of the work you’ve done, and I’ll hit reverse on your payment that same day



Ask Me Anything!

“I have no idea where to start: will this help me get on track?”

Fear not my crafty friend, Clear Cut Content gives you a clear starting point with step-by step lessons, regular email check-ins, templates, and support PDFs and guides that will make your content creation process a breeze.

“How long will this take me?”

This course contains 7 self-paced video lessons that you can watch on -demand. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes long, and at the end of each lesson you will be given specific actionable tasks to work on. You can work at your own pace, and with the mobile app you can even listen to the lessons “on the go” if you want to watch all of the totally binge-able course videos.

“How long will I have access to this course?”

You have lifetime access to the course and its updates, meaning that for as long as I offer the course, you will have access. In the event that I will no longer be offering the course, you will get at least 30 days’ notice and will be able to download all of the course videos and content to save and rewatch.

“Do I need to have a big audience (social media or email list) for this course to work for me?”

Absolutely not! In fact, this course will help you hone in on the exact audience you want to reach and create content that will speak straight to their hearts, so you will be at a great advantage if you are just getting started out. Building an audience full of your Perfect Customer (who you will learn how to find) means that you will be curating relationships with the people who are most likely to turn into loyal (and repeat) customers. 

Is there live support with Clear Cut Content?

Clear Cut Content is entirely self-paced video lessons and does not include a live support model. If you would like live coaching or feedback on your content creation, then The Marketing School for Makers program will be a better fit!

Let's take a peek into what not joining Clear Cut Content might look like...

You look around with envy at all of these other makers who have tons of comments, likes, and shares...and regularly have sold-out product launches. 

Now, you DO have a Facebook page or an Instagram feed, and you are posting...though not quite consistently, and nothing all that exciting. Maybe you mostly share sporadic pictures of what you are selling – possibly even with a description and a price – but you rarely share something that is comment- or share- worthy. 

You’re frustrated that you don’t have many followers, and that the followers you DO have are not buying anything. You start to wonder if this whole selling thing is even worth the hassle. 

But that's not the path I want for you.

Between you and I - I’ve created this program to help people like you.
Someone who can quickly and easily create weeks (or even months) worth of content that has their audience begging for more. 

You will go from wondering what the heck you’re going to post or email to having an endless fountain of high-quality content to share. Your audience members will become like dear friends, eagerly awaiting your latest email or social post – and these are the people who will come to buy from you again and again.

That’s why your investment inside Clear Cut Content will provide you with everything you need to create content that builds relationships, and those relationships are ultimately what will bring steady sales to your business. 

The LAST thing I want is for you to continue to struggle, spending time and money, to compete in a sea of content that’s landing right in front of your Perfect Customer’s eyes.

I don’t want you to try to discount your products or lower your prices in an effort to get some cash flow: I PROMISE that when you have connected with your Perfect Customer, they will gladly buy from you. 

Any maker can find scores of people who will buy their things by using the framework I teach inside of Clear Cut Content.

I’ve shown you the proof that it works for me, for others, and it will work for you, too. You know with the Clear Cut Guarantee, you are 100% safe to jump right in. I’ll see you on the inside!

When you enroll today, you will get:

Course Modules (Value $397)

PDF Course Support Guide (Value $197)

Bonus 1: How to Use Later to Schedule Content (Value $97)

Bonus 2: Bloom 10x Content Repurposing System (Value $97)

Total Value: $788

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

One-time payment of


Today is the day your business begins to bloom with Clear Cut Content